Borough Market

13 Mar

Greetings from London! I have successfully made it across the pond and I am exploring all that London has to offer. I took Shannon’s advice and immediately asked my friend to take me to Borough Market. The market takes place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so if you have a free weekend in London, you need to make this a priority stop. This place truly is a foodie’s dream! There was fresh cheeses, olives, breads, cakes and wine. It definitely brought me back to my study abroad days in Italy, when I would wonder the weekly town markets to find hidden food treasures.

I didn’t do much purchasing, just browsing, but I did see this wonderful gem in the wine section that made me smile:

Stone beer! Stone Brewing Co. is a microbrewery in Escondido (San Diego). They have free tours of the facility if you’re ever in the San Diego area, which includes a free tasting. When you go, have a beer in my honor. Mmmm.

I know this is a baking blog, but I just HAD to post about the incredible meal I had at the market. After walking through the delicious maze of vendors, my friend Lisa took me to her favorite stand at the market, where we got a raclette and a toasted cheese sandwich. While grilled cheese may be an American staple, the sandwiches I’ve had in the States are NOTHING compared to this ooey, gooey, cheesey, AMAZING sandwich!

The secret is the freshly melted cheddar cheese. These talented cook melt huge blocks of cheese under a broiler, and then scrape off the gooey-goodness right onto your plate. Then it goes right into your mouth. YUM!

Paired with a raclette dish (potatoes, melted cheddar cheese, onions and gherkins aka pickles), this was the best “I’m jet-lagged, hungry and been up all night-and-day” meal.

I’m patiently waiting for Thursday so I can go back and get a second helping. Although since I’ll be alone this time, I’ll most likely go only for the toasted cheese sandwich.

Next on my London agenda is an English tea, complete with scones an clotted cream. Pictures and blog post to follow. I hope that everyone is enjoying their spring break, and has found lots of time for baking! Remember, it’s a cake walk! And as they say in London, cheers mate!


One Response to “Borough Market”

  1. shannonalleva March 13, 2011 at 8:48 PM #

    I am so incredibly jealous! So glad you enjoyed Borough Market :) The toasted cheese sandwich was also my favorite meal. Posted below is a list of some other food places that I loved and seriously contributed to my weight gain while living abroad, ha.

    1. Laduree for delicious Parisian macaroons
    2. Tom’s Kitchen for traditional British fare
    3. Brick lane market also has a plethora of ethnic cuisines (especially Indian)
    4. Try eton mess – one of my favorite British desserts

    I know this is unrelated to your blog, but you must go to this amazing speakeasy called Barts in Chelsea – it’s a little hidden gem.

    Hope this helps have so much fun! Looking forward to reading about your London travels!

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