Holiday Baking Supplies Wish List

11 Nov

I know it’s not Christmas time yet (or even Thanksgiving, or November, for that matter) but I’m already thinking about what presents I hope are under my Christmas tree (aka Hanukkah bush in my family…) this year. This past weekend I went outlet shopping with a friend and we stumbled into the Williams-Sonoma store–and let me tell you, it was HEAVEN! Anything and everyone I could ever want for my current and future kitchen are in that store. Sadly, most of the items are out of my grad-student budget, but that’s why I’m creating my wish-list early in the hopes that some generous family members (hint hint, dad) or my boyfriend (hint hint, boyfriend) will “accidentely, on purpose” read this when I e-mail this post to them :) Let the wishing begin!

KitchenAid Mixer

(Image from Google)

I am slightly obsessed with this mixer. I probably spent a good 10 minutes standing in front of the KitchenAid display, picking out which color would go best with my future kitchen and what attachments I want (i.e. pasta maker, ice cream mixer, paddle attachment…) I’ve concluded that color in the blue family will do.


Williams Sonoma Spatulas (Image from Williams Sonoma)

For some reason, I don’t have any spatula’s in my kitchen. I bought a pink one for my bff a few years ago, but I never picked up one of my own. I adore these spatulas. They come in every color imaginable, they’re durable and come in a variety of sizes.

Cupcake Stand

My dream cupcake stand (Image from Williams Sonoma)

As those of you who’ve read my blog know, I LOVE to make cupcakes. There are so many varieties, flavors and decorations to make. Plus, they just look so cute (I am addicted to individually sized things. I often spend the extra $1 to buy individually sized orange juice cartons). What better way to display a cupcake creation than on a beautiful stand for all to see and admire?

This is my wish list…so far. What’s on yours? I am more than happy to take suggestions of things to add :) It’s never to early to drop hints to your loved ones. After all, Black Friday is coming up and it’s the best shopping day of the year (especially to get a head-start on those holiday gifts)

Happy baking! Remember, it’s a cake walk! Have fun <3


One Response to “Holiday Baking Supplies Wish List”

  1. Ginny November 12, 2011 at 9:06 AM #

    My wish is for the delicious treats you would make with those items!

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