My Request for YOU!

14 Nov

Hello readers,

Enjoying the Christmas spirit in Paris, 2007

With the holidays approaching, I always whip up tons of desserts for family events and parties. I definitely have my favorites, but I haven’t added many new holiday (Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah) recipes to the mix in a while. So my question to you guys is: What are your favorite holiday desserts? Any that you’re willing to share? I have a specific one in mind… anyone have a good recipe for fudge or toffee? I haven’t come across one that I love…yet. I will be very grateful for anything you guys are willing to share with me. I promise to whoever sends me something, I’ll bake it and do a blog post about it (complete with a thankful shout-out!)

Hope you guys are keeping warm as the temperature continues to drop! Happy Baking! Remember–it’s a cake walk! :)


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