Pastry Tips!

1 Feb

Hello lovelies :) No new recipe today, but I wanted to share this VERY exciting purchase: pastry tips!! As you know, when I need to frost cookies or cupcakes, I usually use the plastic bag trick that I blogged about here. I recently decided, however, that I wanted to invest in good, yet inexpensive pastry tips and bags to dry new decorating ideas. Last night, my roommate and I were wandering around Bed Bath and Beyond and I saw this kit:

My new baking toys

The box says 9 piece kit–it’s really only 8 pieces, they count the directions as the 9th.

4 tips and 2 bags for only$9! Super good deal. I’ve never used the pastry bags before, but I assume that I’ll have to buy more. I’m also going to see if I can use ziplock bags, and attach those instead (I’ll keep you guys updated). Just FYI, Bed, Bath and Beyond has some GREAT baking stuff, like a rolling pin (got that yesterday too), cookie sheets, and a creme brulee kit for $20 (my next purchase, I think).

Just wanted to share my awesome find with you guys! Hope you’re baking up a storm. As always–it’s a cake walk!


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