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The Return

5 Feb

Oh hey there. Apparently I like to take four-month long hiatusi hiatuses from this here blog. I don’t really know why…I love this blog! I love sharing all the yummy things I make with you guys. I guess I was feeling a bit uninspired lately. My prime baking surges used to be during stressful school times, such as midterms, finals, and oh you know, just general school time. Seeing as I am not in school these days, I guess my level of stress has diminished, for the most part. Good for my blood pressure, bad for my baking.

I anticipated sharing this yummy recipe with you folks today that I found via Pinterest:




But it just DID NOT happen. I don’t know why. I could not get these cute little footballs to look like cute little footballs. Ah well. I made some pretty awesome oatmeal cookies instead {from a recipe found on the back of the Ralph’s oatmeal container…} I do have a pretty bangin’ post planned for later this week, so stay tuned {if y’all are still out there. Are you?} I’ve also ventured into the land of–gasp–Cooking! Like, with ingredients that aren’t just sugar and flour. So hopefully I will share some of those noms with you as well.

Stay tuned! As always..it’s a cake walk!

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